Drama Classes For Kids’ Holistic Development

With the rise of high technology in cinematic television and video online gaming, today’s entertainment has become more flaccid both for adults and children. Merely sitting before the box for hours is not good especially for children.

They need a lot of interaction and physical activities that stimulate their young minds and enhance their physical development. This is where classes on drama prove themselves beneficial in the growth and development of our children. Interaction on and off the stage stimulates their intellect and emotions far deeper than what multimedia can do.

Through drama, they are able to connect with others in a far more dynamic and sensible manner as the whole experience facilitates the development of their abilities to speak and communicate with others. Furthermore, drama classes grant kids opportunity to discover their creativity and express themselves in multifaceted ways as they play different roles.

This unique way of having fun enables them to overcome their timidity and enhances their total self expression. This brings about a healthier emotional development for kids and increases their emotional quotients, not to mention the effect on their IQ development. Impersonating various characters in a drama setting also stimulates their imagination and thus makes them aware of the much bigger world existing beyond the four walls of their juvenile world.

One vital part of children’s daily routine is play. They understand life in terms of what makes them happy. And a lot of their stimuli for happiness are products of their infantile fantasies. Drama is one creative way by which kids indulge in fantasy.

Beyond playing roles in children’s games, they now expand their imagination in more concrete ways in adopting the characters they play in a drama scene. While doing the drama, they slide away for a while from reality as they imagine and feel the story created by the characters they play.

Their being able to express themselves more openly and creatively make their total learning experience a powerful way of having fun. This trains their hearts and minds to take life’s eventualities not too seriously as they practice having fun in simulating the realities of life on stage.

In the drama classes, children are given opportunity to take part in creating the story and characters of the play. In doing this they get exposed and educated early in real life issues like poverty, racial discrimination and social justice.

Their young minds begin to realize that they have a vital role in making the world a better place to live in as they contribute to the unfolding of the story so that it will have a happy ending. Children always love happy endings. Thus, drama classes lead children to a more holistic growth and development beyond the honing of their artistic talents and abilities.

So now you know better where to bring your kids in their off days from school, be it on a weekend or a summer vacation.

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